Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Article in Step by Step Wire Jewelry

My latest news is that I have an article published in the current (summer preview 2008) issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. It's found on page 17: Be Steel My Heart. Not quite sure why they chose that title, since the heart-shaped earrings I submitted to them were made of sterling silver. But I'm not complaining! I'm thrilled and honored to have my jewelry design chosen for this issue.
Thank you, Ed.-in-Chief Denise Peck!
If you like my article and would like to see more of them in future issues, send Denise an e-mail: dpeck@interweave.com.
Finally, I have an announcement: The magazine sent me four extra copies of the summer preview issue and I already have two copies of my own (being a charter subscriber and advertiser), so I'm giving them away FREE to the first four people who post a comment here! All I ask is that you provide the postage.
We'll need to figure out a way to connect because I'll need the mailing addresses of the first four to post. Anyway, good luck and post quickly!


Lynn said...

Sharilyn, I'm so excited you've started a blog! I'll be one of your most faithful readers! It looks wonderful! The one thing I'm wondering is if you'll be letting us see larger photos when we click on them.

: )

Jacqueline F. Graham said...

Look at you!!! :-)

I am so happy that you are keeping a blog! Will add your link to my blog and continue my visits here! Your jewelry is so beautiful....and love your little fur babes!!

Take care and ((((hugs)))). Keep up the fine work!!


Bonnie said...

It was a great article Sharilyn. I plan to make them soon. I encourage you to keep up with the Blog. It is a little time consuming but now that blogspot has the timed feature you can write posts when you have a chance and then set them to publish when you are to busy to write. My daughter who is an E-revenue genius for the American Cancer Society encouraged me to use social networking sites to "get my business out there" Believe me people do read even if they don't leave messages. I hear it when I go too long between posts.

Stacie said...

Sharilyn- Glad you jumped in- love the blog so far & I'll be a regular reader. I look forward to reading your insights!

Dina Cuomo said...

Great job Sharilyn. I'll be checking on a regular basis!

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