Monday, May 12, 2008

I'd rather be making jewelry...

Sooo... this is what I've been doing all day today: staring at my computer screen until my eyes feel like a pair of boiled eggs. Yes, I'm updating my Web site,
This is the not-so-thrilling aspect of working for oneself. If any of you imagine that my full-time career in jewelry making is full of fun and creative adventures every day, let me just say—not so. I spend a lot of my time (waaaay too much time) on the business aspects of my business, and that includes the usual paperwork plus Web site updates and adding new workshops to my schedule, etc... (and I really do mean etc...)
New workshops are great, of course. The best part is creating new jewelry designs to teach my students, but to turn a new design into a workshop means that I have to figure out the supply list with wire measurements and so on, and then write up notes describing to others how to make the jewelry piece. I enjoy this—except the math part—but I'd rather be making jewelry!
I'm sure that some of you can relate...

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