Friday, May 30, 2008


I worked on "Autumn Dance" some more today and I think it's finally finished. I really enjoyed working on this piece, especially because it was not very expensive to make.
I used dark annealed steel wire from the hardware store for a framework, and fine-gauge copper wire to wrap agate chips and attach them to the frame, along with amethyst chips, garnets, and Czech glass beads.
I hope the publishers at Interweave Press like this enough to include it in my new book!
I also got some great news today: Art Jewelry magazine is interested in publishing a how-to article in a future issue on my Big Heart Pin. I don't have any more information about this yet, but I'll let you all know when I find out which issue it will appear in. I'm very excited and certainly very honored to have a project accepted by this fine magazine!


Leslie Todd said...

The colors in Autumn Dance are beautiful!

Where does one buy stainless steel wire? All I can find locally are galvanized steel wires.

Congrats on the Art Jewelry article! I look forward to seeing your article. Art Jewelry is my favorite magazine.

Sharilyn Miller said...

I use dark annealed steel (NOT stainless steel) wire that you can get at the hardware store. We have two small hardware stores up here in Idyllwild, California, and I found different gauges of wire at each. I could only find 16ga, 19ga, 22ga and 24ga wire. Actually, you don't need any more than that.
The great strength of annealed steel wire is that it is bendable, but still somewhat stiff. As soon as you hammer it with a chasing or planishing hammer, it becomes very hard and unbendable and strong. It makes a great support for attaching smaller items (beads, found objects, etc.) and I think it would be ideal for 3D sculptures in wire. I can only imagine the possibilities in art basketry, mixed-media assemblage, and larger artworks of all kinds...
The drawback to using steel wire is that because it is rather hard wire to work with, it's very difficult to coil or spiral. So it's better as a support material than an embellishing material. And it's really cheap wire, not intended for jewelry making, so if you are into selling your jewelry I would think twice before using it in anything I expected to get much money for. Better to use sterling silver or gold wire and tack on a higher price.
Just my 2¢!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That necklace is spectacular!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW this is just so awesome your amazing and such a inspiration