Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update: Orphan Works Controversy

In a previous post I brought to your attention a concern that I have over the Orphan Works bills that are currently pending in both houses of Congress. Just today I received an e-mail from The Artist's Magazine with a link to a very good article that they provide on this topic, written by Leonard D. DuBoff and Christy O. King, both attorneys. King is the author of Art Law in a Nutshell.
I encourage everyone to read their article, as it is very thorough and written in such a way that anyone can understand it. Topics include defining orphan works, proposed legislative solutions, understanding the procedure, concerns for visual artists (very important!), databases and registration, and reasonable compensation and rights. This is a very informative article; it is thorough, factual, and well worth reading. To access it, click here.

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Leslie Todd said...

Here's the Legislative Action Center link that makes it easy to contact your representative or senator and express your opinion on this matter: http://capwiz.com/illustratorspartnership/home/