Tuesday, May 27, 2008

www.wirejewelrydvds.com update

I just updated my Web site, www.wirejewelrydvds.com, with a bunch of brand-new photos of the jewelry pieces featured in my upcoming DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop.
Although I love the styled shots of my jewelry that were taken by professional photographer Sylvia Bissonnette (who also took all the styled shots in my book, Bead on a Wire), I felt that some of the jewelry was a bit soft-focus in the photos. So last night I took several pictures and posted them to my wire jewelry DVD site, which gives you a chance to see exactly what you will learn from this workshop.
Pictured you see one of the four bracelets featured; this one is called the Ethnic Charm Bracelet but it might as well be called the "Leftovers Bracelet" or something similar! I used textured copper tubing bead connectors, foreign coins, double spirals, leaf charms, and a commercial clasp along with handmade twisted-wire jump rings to make this piece.
It is literally made from components rejected from other jewelry pieces featured on the DVD: the Etruscan Spiral necklace with copper tubing bead connectors, the Ethnic Coin necklace, the Leaf-Link bracelet, etc.
I enjoy putting all my rejected little bits from bigger jewelry projects into a box and leaving them for a few days. Later, when my mind is refreshed and I haven't seen the components in a while, I can look at them with new eyes and find unique uses for them. Often my favorite jewelry designs come from this collage of new ideas... and that's why I always say, never throw anything away, no matter how ugly or misshapen!
If you'd like to know more about my new DVD, which will be released next month, please visit www.wirejewelrydvds.com.

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