Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Going ethnic, anyone?

Here's a photo of one of the two necklaces featured on my new DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop. I just had to share it with you as we draw closer to the release date.
I designed the "Etruscan Spiral Pendant Necklace" while I was teaching a workshop series in Cortona, Italy in April 2007. I arrived a few days before my students, and used some of my free time to investigate the Etruscan museum right in Cortona, which houses some intriguing treasures discovered by archeologists working in the region. I saw the most beautiful pure-gold jewelry and discovered examples of coil-wrapped wire and spirals that look like they could have been made yesterday; but they were, in fact, centuries old.
I was very inspired by the museum's collection, even though I may never be able to use gold in my own jewelry. While I taught my workshops in Italy, I used spare moments to create a big double-spiral pendant using heavy-gauge wire. We twisted wire in class to make our own unique jump rings, and I incorporated these into the necklace along with copper tubing beads and a handmade clasp.
The result is a simple design, but I love wearing it. It's a bit rustic, so to speak, a little rough around the edges—not elegant, but ethnic! I love it. So I had to share it on my next workshop DVD, which will release toward the end of this month. I promise to let you know when it is available to order from my Web site, www.wirejewelrydvds.com. You will also find a tutorial on my popular Ethnic Coin Necklace plus four new bracelet designs on this new DVD.
If you're interested in having a cross-cultural experience with several days of intensive instruction in ethnic-style wire-art jewelry, I'm taking a small group to Santorini, Greece this October 9-16. More information can be found by clicking here. I hope you can join us!


Frivolitea said...

WHat a cool necklace!

Jen Crossley said...

This is just stunning Sharilyn