Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ken Bova Workshop at Idyllwild Arts

This week I've been taking a very inspiring workshop with mixed-media jewelry artist Ken Bova, who combines a variety of materials—paper, metal, pastel, shell, beads, wire, found objects—and "low tech" cold connections to make unusual jewelry. I've been busy and overwhelmed and somewhat exhausted, which may explain why I haven't posted here in a few days!
The workshop began last Sunday, and concludes tomorrow at the Idyllwild Arts campus. My sketchbook is bursting with notes, drawings, quotations, ideas, and inspiration from this class. I don't have much finished jewelry to show for my efforts, but I have had a rare opportunity to put my business life on hold for a few days and simply focus on learning new techniques that I can incorporate into my designs in the future. It's been a worthwhile investment of my time and money, and I would encourage anyone out there who is interested in a "boot camp"-type learning opportunity to take advantage of it next year.
What made this workshop such a success was organizer Deb Jemmott's terrific idea of having rotating mini-workshops with all the teachers who participated in Metals Week. For example, on Sunday we spent our morning with Ken, and then after lunch from 1 to 2:30 pm we had another teacher come to our class to give a short demonstration and answer questions while Ken left to teach another class his own mini-workshop. From 2:30 to 5:30 we were back with Ken Bova again. Each successive day was the same schedule with a different visiting teacher, so we got a little taste of all the participating instructors' teaching style. All were very inspiring, and I think our class felt that we have something to look forward to next summer when we choose new classes with different teachers.
I really enjoyed Connie Fox's earring demonstration, as well as Deb Jemmott's thorough introduction to soldering techniques and technical information. Master teacher Val Link gave a slide presentation and introduction to hydraulic assist die forming, and Fred Zweig taught us a new way to make a fibula and demonstrated his "one-blow riveting" technique.
I was amazed at how much each teacher was able to cram into an hour and a half! And yet we also had time to make little samples, to play (very important!), to create a few finished pieces—others in our class were more successful at this than I—and to learn from one another. It's been an amazing adventure, and I look forward to doing this again next year during Idyllwild Arts' adult summer program.
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ann rosier said...

Had a great time in Idyllwild at Metal's week. Planning on being back next year. Thanks to Deb Jemmott and her choice of teachers. Ken Bova was great! Hope to see you again Sharilyn. Ann Rosier

knitsteel said...

I got to meet Ken when we were both teaching at Haystack at the same time.
It looked like he really ran a great class.

A Fly On The Wall said...

Wow - a "one blow" riveting technique? I could use that class!

Robyn Hawk

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