Monday, June 9, 2008

Reviewing my DVD...

Today I spent the entire afternoon reviewing my latest DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop.
Currently in the editing phase and soon to be released, this DVD is three and a half hours long and is simply jam-packed with great information and close-up instruction. I am very proud of this one!
I'm finding the process of making an instructional DVD very interesting, albeit expensive. It all starts with designing new, original jewelry pieces. Then I go through my favorites and start pulling out designs that I believe will be of interest to my students and that will teach them a wealth of techniques and good craftsmanship. Next I cull the very best pieces from what I've gathered, and start writing up a tentative list of chapters for my DVD.
I do take a professional approach to this process, but to be honest, it's all guesswork. I'm pinning my hopes on my own taste and hoping to find others with similar interests and aesthetic views. But in the end, it's a gamble.
The taping takes place in my home, usually at night when the noisy grey squirrels and squawky woodpeckers have finally gone to sleep. It's just me and the lights, camera, and microphone. Sometimes I'm so tired, I forget to turn the mic on! So I do it over again. Sometimes I can tape an entire segment—which can run from 10 minutes to over 30—in one take. But, more often than not, I have to re-tape myself several times before I'm satisfied with each segment.
I take my camera to my office then and plug it into my Macintosh, turning each segment into a digital file. I then turn each file into a quicktime movie, and export it to an external drive. The drive is shipped to Disc Makers in New Jersey, and I leave it up to the experts there to edit the film for audio and video, create a menu and design the packaging. I have photographer Sylvia Bissonnette take a beautifully styled shot of my finished jewelry for the cover on the packaging, and then I sit back and wait.
In the following weeks, Disc Makers ships me copies of the disk in-process and I review them and note any errors or problems. This goes around several times until I am completely satisfied with the disk. I then give them the thumbs-up, and the DVD goes into production-mode. Disks are printed, packaging prepared, and eventually will be shrink-wrapped and sent to me and to FilmBaby in Portland, Oregon.
So this is where I am in the process with Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop. I have just reviewed my disk for the last time and it looks and sounds fantastic! I have let them know at Disc Makers, so the DVD will be printed and shipped out to the west coast in about 10 days or so.
It's been a long road, and an expensive one, but we're coming up on the final turn and I believe the DVD will be ready to order by the end of June, as planned.
Thank you, everyone, for your patience! I promise that this DVD is worth the wait. You can learn more by clicking here.

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debi said...

Howdy from Houston!

I haven't had a chance to talk to you lately and see how your videos are going since we last spoke...but, I can see you have now changed your website (looks great!) and you have joined "blogland" :)

Hope all is going me soon because I opened an "additional store" here in Houston, and would love to have you come out and possibly teach a class in the shop (whenever you have time????)

Hugs sweetie....debi (Artfully Inspired)