Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Wild Wire Women retreat comes to an end...

Mondays following a Wild Wire Women retreat are always difficult for me! I miss my new friends, the camaraderie we share for a brief time over the weekend, the time we spend in the workshop making beautiful jewelry, mealtimes—I miss it all. For me, Mondays mean doing laundry and remaking beds and putting away linens, cleaning the house, straightening up the workshop, and saying goodbye to fond memories of laughter and stories and jokes shared amongst new friends.
This past weekend I hosted five participants in my latest Idyllwild retreat, and all five ladies were outstanding house-guests and students. Two ladies flew in from Rockford, Illinois and three came from the Scottsdale, Arizona area. I enjoyed their stay and hope to see them again soon.
On Friday we jumped right in with my popular 10 Trippy Tricks 1 class, and on Saturday we pursued the mysteries of Faux Metals (see photo above). On Sunday we studied the Love Knot and my original Twining Vines technique, along with twisting wire to make jump rings (as featured on my new DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop), making ball-headed headpins with a kitchen torch, simple ear wires, and jewelry photography using the EZ Cube system.
Whew! What a weekend. Now that it's over, I'm quite tired but already missing my new friends. I look forward to hosting another Wild Wire Women retreat Sept. 4-8; if you're interested in signing up, please email me soon for details: I hope to meet YOU in a retreat soon!

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