Monday, July 21, 2008

Found-Object Jewelry

I can't believe how much time has gone by since my last post! What I'm learning about blogging is that, when you're really busy doing interesting things that would be fun to blog about, you're just too busy doing interesting things to have time to blog about it...
So here goes, trying to catch up:
The image posted is my "found-object" necklace made during Deb Jemmott's Found Object Jewelry workshop held last week at Idyllwild Arts. We used a lot of adhesive in this class, which surprised me, but I had fun assembling this little sculpture which is actually somewhat wearable (it's a bit heavy, but I can wear it for short periods of time).
In case you're wondering, the apple-shaped object is a tagua nut that was sliced in half by a button-maker who removed enough of the inside of the nut (a.k.a. "vegetable ivory") to make a button. The leftover, discarded nuts were brought in by a student, who donated them to the pile of objects offered to everyone for general use. Superb artist Connie Fox donated the strange metal object (something from a vintage typewriter, perhaps?) that I used to frame the tagua nut, and I made a necklace using dark annealed steel wire in 16ga purchased at my local hardware store in Idyllwild. Thank you, Connie! What a dear person she is, and so talented, too. Be sure to check out her Web site.
I decorated the front of my tagua nut with a metal piece assembled with tiny brass bolts and used a photo of a model cut out from the back of an issue of Ornament magazine. I love rusty bits, and found good use for a rusted washer, which frames the photo.
This necklace was fun to make, but what I really enjoyed during the workshop was using a vintage rolling mill and large metal crimper brought in by the teacher. I put lots of copper sheet through these machines and then cut them into manageable pieces, and I look forward to experimenting with them this winter after I return home from teaching in Santorini this October. I'd like to alter the copper pieces with color of some type, cutting and filing, layering and riveting them into interesting objects. Maybe jewelry, or perhaps wall art, who can say? The possibilities are intriguing. And I'll know by next spring if I really need to purchase a rolling mill for my own studio.
Tomorrow I'll be up to my elbows in cleaning supplies, because after spending three full weeks taking workshops at the Idyllwild Arts school, I am now hosting another Wild Wire Women retreat in my home. Two ladies are arriving early for the retreat on Tuesday evening, and they will be joined by three others on Thursday.
We'll get to know each other by having another delicious dinner at Cafe Aroma, and then the workshops begin on Friday. I'll be posting about the retreat this time. So sorry that I never got around to blogging during my last retreat, just a couple of weekends ago, but I was too tired every night after teaching all day and preparing meals, etc.
I created a very busy schedule for myself this month, which was (in retrospect) perhaps not the best idea in the world. Better to space out those workshops!
If you're interested in coming out for a retreat in the future, I have some scheduled and a few spaces still available. You can learn more by visiting my Web site,
Until next time...


Carole Segal said...

Hi Sharilyn, Your recent workshop looks like fun, and will certainly add another dimension to your wire art jewelry. Carole

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