Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jewelry-Making DVDs on

This news is "hot off the press": All four of my jewelry-making DVDs are now available through!
I've been working on this project for about a week now, and it's a relief to see my efforts have paid off. The DVDs look great on and I hope to find a larger customer base for them through this Web site. I've been wanting to do this ever since I found out that a vendor who had purchased my Tribal Treasures DVD through a distributor was re-selling it on for $129.00. So far, two people have bought it at that price (poor things!), and one wrote to say how disgusted she was when she found out later that the same DVD could have been purchased from me through for $29.95. She gave my DVD one star, sadly, saying "5 stars for the DVD - 1 star for the rip-off dealer!"
I can't say I blame her. The other gal who reviewed my DVD gave it five stars, I'm relieved to say. But I still feel very sorry for her! Imagine paying over $100 for a DVD that normally retails for $29.95... is still working on a few bugs; for example, I wasn't able to upload the image of my Bohemian Bangles DVD in the usual way, so I had to upload it as a customer's image, which is not exactly professional in my opinion. And the $129 price tag still hangs on my Tribal Treasures DVD until updates my information, which should be complete by the end of Tuesday. But Rings of Beauty and Ethnic Style look terrific, and all the information is correct.
And here's a deal: All of my DVDs qualify for FREE shipping since the retail prices are above $25.
If I might ask my customers to do me a little favor, I would truly appreciate it if you wouldn't mind going to the site to give my DVDs a review. Product reviews have a huge impact on customers, as I know all too well myself—I'm a huge shopper on! It would make a world of difference if those of you who appreciate my DVDs and want to see me produce more of them would go online to encourage others to buy them. Thanks so much! The sooner I can pay off my business Visa, the sooner I can start producing the next workshop on DVD...


lauren bacchus said...


I just purchased your rings DVD through Amazon and can't wait to get it - and I will gladly review it as well.

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