Sunday, August 3, 2008

Painted Jewelry

Recently I decided to propose some new classes to a mixed-media art convention taking place in 2009, so I find myself back behind the camera again.
Preparation is a huge part of being a traveling freelance art teacher. The fun part is designing new jewelry pieces, like the "Painted Jewelry" bracelet shown above. Then I have to think of ways to make my projects not only beautiful and wearable, but fun to make, too. Once I've come up with something that I like and believe that my students will enjoy making, I photograph it the best I can using my EZ Cube photography system. That's what I've been doing this evening. I have several more to photograph and edit....
Next, I'll consult my notebook for anything I may have jotted down while creating the piece. These notes are invaluable during the next stage: writing up a workshop description, supply list and class handouts. All this, and I have yet to find out if my project has even been accepted by the convention organizer...
The submission form is another task. Each one takes some time to fill it out properly, because every convention has different requirements and the deadlines vary widely. If I miss a deadline, I may have to postpone my proposals until the following year.
Once my project has been accepted—if it has!—I post new photos to my Web site, creating a separate page for every new class. That's when I can let everyone in my terrific Yahoo group (bead_on_a_wire) know about the upcoming event. Nowadays I'll be blogging about it, too, and doing everything else I can think of to promote my classes.
Once students start signing up for my workshops, inevitably they email me with questions about the supply list. I do my best, but occasionally I forget to include an item, so I have to refine the supply list over and over until it's as perfect as I can make it. My prospective students help out with that... and, before you know it, I'm meeting them personally in class.
Maybe I'll be meeting you someday—I hope so.

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Dina Cuomo said...

I love this new piece! You'll have to teach us how to make these in your next DVD.