Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Workshop

We're having fun in the workshop this weekend, and pictured here are three eager "Wild Wire Women": Nettie, Chris, and Karen!
Today we've been working on Tribal Treasures Necklaces (as featured on my DVD, Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop) and we just finished making ball-headed headpins with a kitchen torch.
In the course of one day, all three students have learned:
• all about the tools used to make beautiful wire jewelry
• how to clean, measure and cut wire correctly and safely
• how to make beautiful double-wrapped eye-pin loops with spiral embellishments
• how to make wire cages for beads
• how to make coil-wrapped embellishments for beads
• how to twist heavy-gauge wire and turn it into shapely jump rings
• and basic jewelry design and assembly. Whew!
I confess—I'm tuckered out, but not these gals. As soon as they'd finished making their headpins and had a quick dinner out at Cafe Aroma, they headed back downstairs to the spacious workshop/classroom in my home where they're busy hammering wire and making more jewelry.
I guess I'd better get down there, too. I want to be in on all the fun!
Stay tuned for more developments...

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Dana said...

That looks like so much fun! I'll have to wait until you are back in the midwest though. :(