Monday, November 24, 2008

Brand-NEW Workshop at Brea Bead Works this Saturday

This coming Saturday I'm offering a brand-new workshop at Brea Bead Works: the Etruscan Spiral Necklace workshop.
This full-day class is jam-packed with great techniques, including beautiful textured beads made from copper tubing, a heavy-gauge double spiral pendant, and light metal-smithing plus lots of wire working techniques. A great learning experience, but, even better, the result is a gorgeous necklace you'll be very proud to wear.
The Etruscan Spiral necklace was inspired by my 2007 trip to Cortona, Italy, when I taught a small workshop "Under the Tuscan Sun." I enjoyed spending time in the Etruscan museum in Cortona, viewing the exhibits of weapons, utensils, and luscious pure-gold jewelry, and hearing lectures on the local archeologists' attempts at excavating treasures from the earth. It's not easy, when hordes of grave robbers have been before you!
The Etruscans were a fascinating people; very little is actually known about them, but we do know that they were highly cultured, artistic, and wealthy. They lived in the Tuscany region, an area that has been coveted over the centuries and remains a dream destination for many of us to this day.
While spending time in the museum last year, I was truly inspired by the jewelry displays. So much of what I saw was based on wire techniques that we use today—coiling fine-gauge wire, making bead dangles on headpins, spiraling, and making loop attachments. The artists of the time were very creative, and I felt a strong kinship with them. I was inspired to make a jewelry piece that would always remind me of my time in Cortona, and my Etruscan Spiral necklace was the result.
A big double spiral of heavy-gauge wire symbolizes the blazing sun, links made from textured copper tubing pieces and heavy sterling silver wire are darkened in liver of sulfur to make the piece look like an archeological find, and copper rings are textured and beaten to resemble coins and jewelry remnants like those on display in the Etruscan museum.
While it would be much easier to simply copy the jewelry of the Etruscans (as others have done), I find it much more satisfying to make my own art. I also enjoy teaching and helping others to do the same. If you're interested in learning how to make a beautiful Etruscan Spiral necklace of your own, I hope you can join me at Brea Bead Works this Saturday for my workshop.
For information, call 714 671-9976.


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