Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Deer in My Driveway!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
This morning I awakened to paradise—after a long, drenching rain (sorely needed up here in Idyllwild), the sun came out and lit the mountain with gold. The California quail are out in droves, bobbing their little heads as they scoop up their breakfast and trip across my driveway. But the real surprise was this beautiful little deer, who stepped daintily onto the pavement and then quickly jumped up onto a hill covered with manzanita trees and natural brush. He was just a few feet away and couldn't really see me that well, because I was watching him from my home office.
The deer posed for quite some time while I quickly took as many photos as possible; unfortunately I had to take all of my pictures through my office window, so the images are not as clear as I'd like. But it was a welcome surprise this morning, and another reminder of why I am so thankful to live here in the beautiful mountains.

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