Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Love Knot Necklace

I just had to post a photo of my new Love Knot Necklace, which I made yesterday while teaching a workshop in my home in Idyllwild.
It was great fun sitting around the dining room table with three friends—Dale, Tonia and Barbara—making love knot links, coiled wire bead wraps, S-clasps and jump rings. We spent the entire day making our necklaces and afterward I was able to use liver of sulfur to artificially age my necklace, polish it, and get it ready for the tumbler.
This morning I took some photos to show Dale how I use my EZ Cube photography system, and now we're getting ready to go out to breakfast at Cafe Aroma. I wish all my friends could be here on the mountain with us to share the beauty of this place! The snow is melting gradually, and the sky is a bright blue without a cloud anywhere to be seen... Looking forward to another day of counting my blessings in this gorgeous place!

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