Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is my Dad; he just turned 88 today!
Can you believe it? And he's still so cute. In the photo, he's wearing an authentic Greek fisherman's cap that I bought for him while teaching a jewelry workshop last October in Santorini, Greece. He keeps telling me that the cap makes him look like a chauffer, to which I can only say, how appropriate! My dad drives my mom and her friends (and me too, sometimes) on various excursions and he's always quite good-natured about it.
I'm so glad that my father is in good health, with a great attitude (most of the time) toward life, and is flexible and willing to do whatever he can to make my mom happy. Lucky for him, she's easy to please! They have a great life up here in Idyllwild.
Another thing to be grateful for...
Happy Birthday, Dad!

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