Monday, January 26, 2009

Workshop at Monica's...

If you've never been to Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert, California, I highly recommend a visit! Better yet, take a class.
I just taught my first workshop there last Saturday (the Fisherman's Catch necklace) and it was one of my best teaching experiences ever. All of my students were so nice and extremely talented as well. Everybody made a different necklace and I enjoyed watching them work. Part of the joy of teaching is seeing your students apply what they've learned in new and interesting ways.
When I first heard that my sample necklace was stolen from the store last Tuesday (see previous post, Jan. 22), I knew that I had to make another one quickly. So I went to work, and within about two days had made a sample piece that's even better than my first. Then I made a bracelet (pictured above) with a big Thai silver heart as a dangle. I placed it near the clasp to act as a counterweight bead, which keeps the heavy turquoise focal bead from slipping down beneath my wrist.
Try this with your next bracelet design, you'll see how well it works!
Another thing to note about the bracelet is that I did some knotless netting on the little focal bead using fine-gauge wire. 26ga or 24ga would work.
I'm repeating this class at Monica's on Sunday, Feb. 8, from 10 am to 4 pm if you're interested in making a necklace and/or bracelet of your own. I hope to see you there!

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Dina Cuomo said...

Love your new bracelet and I was so sorry to hear about your stolen necklace.