Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power Outage & Squirrels

The sun is out today, and I'm grateful to see it!
On Monday, we had a huge snowstorm (for Idyllwild) and in the afternoon my electricity went out. My land phone did not work, but thankfully my cell phone was charged up and I was able to call my parents. SOS! Yes, Mom and 88-year-old Dad came to the rescue, driving their 4wd Jeep to my house and picking up me with my two cats to spend the night at their place.
Although my parents live higher up the mountain than I do, they have power and (more importantly) a wood-burning fireplace to keep the house warm. I'm on propane at my house, so if the power goes out, I have no heat and it gets chilly real fast. So, my parents really did come to the rescue for me! I'm so blessed to have them.
Before departing, I took this quick photo of a squirrel on my back deck digging for sunflower seeds that I had spread out on the snow about an hour before even more snow covered them up. He and several Bluejays and other birds worked hard at digging out the seeds, and it was fun watching them at it. The snow continued to fall until it was about knee-deep in my driveway. Because my Honda is only 2wd and low to the ground, it was impossible to get it out onto the street. And the snowplows did not even get to my street until yesterday afternoon.
Thankfully, power has been restored and I'm back home again with Sparkle and Rosie. It took four guys about two hours to shovel out the snow on my driveway and deck, but I'm mobile again (for the time being) and very thankful to look out on a beautiful white vista and deep-blue skies, with few clouds. It's incredibly beautiful up here in Idyllwild right now, but such beauty can be treacherous, as I have recently discovered.
Time to think about buying a used 4wd vehicle...

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