Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Students...

Pictured here you can see the reason why I love teaching so much: happy students!
At Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations yesterday, a small group of six ladies and I got together for a class. We made two different Big Heart Pins in this workshop, including the one featured on the cover of the March issue of Art Jewelry magazine plus another one—a variation with a double-coil-wrapped embellishment. To see a picture of them, just scroll down a bit to my previous post.
Congrats to my students, especially to those plucky beginners who are not used to working with 12ga wire and yet still had the courage to take on an intermediate-level workshop! I'm so proud of them. Everyone made beautiful heart pins, and some adapted the design to make stunning pendants as well.
My next workshop is scheduled at my home in Idyllwild. I'm expecting five ladies and have room for three more if you are interested in attending. We're going to make the Spiral Link Bracelet with lots and lots of bead dangles, so it should be great fun. If you're interested in coming to the class, just email me at

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