Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magazine articles galore...

Since this is March 31, the last day of the month, I thought I might post just once more about my article on the Big Heart Pin which you can access by purchasing the March issue of Art Jewelry magazine.
This issue is no longer on newsstands, but I'm sure you can order it by going to the magazine's Web site or calling customer service at (800) 533-6644.
And coming up: a terrific article on my Rosie Posy Necklace will appear in the June issue of Bead & Button magazine! This issue will appear on newsstands sometime in April, I believe, and you can find my article on page 56. I'm very honored to have an article appear in such a fine magazine; it's my first submission to B&B, and I really never thought they would publish me. Why not? Well, because I'm not what I would call a "bead" artist, but a jewelry designer who works primarily with wire—supplemented by a few beads here and there.
I'm eagerly anticipating the June issue and as soon as I can snag a jpg of the cover, I'll post it here with more info. I did get a chance to go over a pdf of the article with editor Anna Draeger, who sent it to me for final proofreading before it went to press. Very professional of her, I must say! And it was fun getting a first glimpse of the layout of the article. I did my own step-by-step photos, and since the editors asked me to photograph everything against a white background, you might find this funny, but I used a pillow!
This is what I did: I set up my EZ Cube photo system (highly recommended for jewelry photography) which is a white fabric pop-up box that diffuses the lights you set up on either side. I then placed a pillow with a fresh white pillowcase inside the EZ Cube, and proceeded to photograph all the steps necessary to make my Rosie Posy necklace, with my hands, tools and wire against the white background of the pillowcase.
Photographing yourself is a bit of a challenge: I hold my Panasonic Lumix camera in my left hand, hold tools and/or wire, etc. in my right hand, pray a little, and shoot. That's why you'll never see my left hand in any of my step-by-step photos in B&B or Art Jewelry magazines.
So that's the latest for now... but in the future, look for two more articles coming out in the Autumn issues of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and Art Jewelry magazines! More on them in a future post...

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Carole Segal said...

Hi Sharilyn,

loved the article.....you are amazing.....getting published in these magazines. Keep up the great work. Carole in Montreal