Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Tree of Life Stove

Doubtless some of my readers will find this a bit silly, but I had to share my new "Tree of Life" stove with you.
It was installed yesterday in my downstairs art studio/classroom where it will keep me and my students toasty-warm throughout the winter months. I've lived in this beautiful-but-aging home in Idyllwild for almost three years now, and one of the first things I noticed in the Autumn of 2006 was how chilly it was in my downstairs workshop, even with the central heat going full-blast. It just wasn't heating the space adequately; so, for the last three winters I've had to work and teach workshops upstairs in my dining area instead of in my spacious, well-lit studio.
This has been disappointing, to say the least! My art studio is big and beautiful, with a very cheerful, knotty-pine atmosphere. I find it inspiring to get away from the rest of my house and spend time there creating, and my students love it too. So not having the full use of my favorite room in the house for about half the year has been somewhat frustrating.
That is why I decided this year to use my book-royalty check (from Bead on a Wire, still selling strong) to purchase a new propane stove. It is gorgeous, isn't it? More importantly, it keeps the room very warm and is easily controlled with a wall thermostat.
My students arriving on April 23 for a Wild Wire Women Retreat (the first of this season) will enjoy working in my studio with me. I have four signups so far, with room for two more. This retreat runs April 23-27, with three full days of instruction in wire jewelry technique and design, a welcome dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in Idyllwild, all breakfasts and lunches, beverages and snacks, plus shared accommodation in my home with beautiful views of the national forest.
If you're interested in attending, feel free to email me at
I have more retreats coming up:
May 7-11 and 21-25, June 4-8 and 18-22, July 9-12 and 23-27.... and more, into the Autumn. There are many dates to choose from. To learn more, click here.
I hope to see some of you in a workshop retreat soon!


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Congrats Sharilyn. Your art studio sounds wonderful. And the retreat/classes...boy, I have to put this on my list and save up. I would love to learn directly from you, but for now I am glad for your book and I'm looking at buying on of your DVDs too. Thanks for sharing the information.

susanc said...

Hi Sharilyn,

You will LOVE your new stove - it's really beautiful. We have a wood-burning stove similar to yours in our home. It is fantastic. The heat it puts out is fantastic. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

katty said...

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