Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another "Wild Wire Women" retreat begins!

We just returned from having a delicious dinner at Cafe Aroma, and now we're ready to begin another "Wild Wire Women" retreat here in Idyllwild.
Pictured above (from left) are Nina, Carol Lee, and Judy. We're all very excited about the next three days ahead; we're going to start with my brand-new necklace, the Jamaica Me Happy, and then jump into 10 Trippy Tricks 2 on Saturday. On Sunday we'll tackle a couple of workshops, the Spiral Link bracelet and Fantastic Fibula pins. I'm looking forward to teaching these fun workshops and my students can hardly wait.
I'll keep you posted as our weekend unfolds...
ps My next retreat is scheduled for May 21-25. Contact me if you're interested in attending!

1 comment:

Lynniemay said...

Ohh Sharilyn!!
I wish I could come to your wild woman retreat!!
I'll have to send vibes out to the universe!!! Iam serious!!