Saturday, April 18, 2009

Online Workshops with KC Willis: Cool Collage Camp!

I'm so excited to tell you about my friend KC Willis, and her terrific new online workshops!
You've probably seen KC's amazing cowgirl and Victorian collage artwork in a gallery or shop, or heard the name of her business—Lipstick Ranch—or read about her somewhere. She's an artist with a very distinctive, vintage-Old-West style that I just love.
By her own admission, KC will coffee-stain just about anything (even the stray threads off her sewing machine); she also allows the family dog to chew holes in her fabrics before washing them and using the tattered pieces in her collages. This is an artist who loves researching the personal stories of her subjects as she incorporates their photos in her work, adding handwritten quotations as well as carefully selected vintage buttons, lace (coffee-stained, of course!), paper ephemera, and more.
I admire KC so much because she's a savvy business woman as well as a very talented fiber artist; her finished pieces sell in stores across the US and she's created a distinctive brand image that sets her apart from every other collage artist that I've seen.
KC has a following, of course—women who collect her work, and some who'd like to make their own fabric collages using family photos and mementos. Until now, she's never really shared in detail her methods of collecting materials (sources, etc.), staining and altering them, designing, assembling, and creating her beautifully layered art. But I have some great news for you if you're interested in learning from this talented artist: KC is teaching online!
That's right—just go to and have a look around. I  believe that once you view her 40-second promo video (click here), you'll be itching to join the group and become a Collage Camper yourself. As for me, I can't wait to join in on the fun.
The great thing about these online workshops is that you can view them at any time in the privacy of your own home, join in when you feel like it, network with other "campers" (or not, your choice), share photos of your work, and ask questions of other members as well as KC herself. She's very actively involved with her workshops, ready to help, give advice, answer your questions, and provide lots of encouragement.
I hope you enjoy KC's new site. Perhaps we'll all meet up in camp as we make some "cool cowgirl collages" together!

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