Monday, April 20, 2009

Rosy Posy Pendant in Bead & Button

I didn't think I had much to blog about today, until I opened my mail and found that the publishers of Bead & Button magazine had sent me an advance copy of the June issue. My article on the Rosy-Posy Pendant, which I made on a flower loom, is found on page 56!
I'm really excited about this because it's my first time being published in B&B. I never thought they'd publish me since I'm a wire artist, not really a bead artist per se. So, I'm honored and delighted to have my article included in this issue, which should show up on newsstands within a week or two.
They didn't have room to print the story of how I thought up this design, so I'll share it here. I was shopping at WalMart with my mom about a year ago; she was looking for yarn. I don't care for the cheap yarn at WalMart but I tagged along anyway, and while Mom was choosing skeins I just browsed. And then I saw the knifty knitter flower loom.
I already had a knifty knitter round loom in several sizes, which I use to knit colorful hats to wear during the cold winter months here in Idyllwild. I just love my hats, because I use lots of pretty colors and then make huge pompoms for them. Fun! Anyway, when I saw the flower loom I picked it up and read the description, which basically said that the loom was intended for making raffia flowers.
I was not impressed with that idea, but the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was to own this small round loom—too small to knit hats, as it only has 12 pegs, but who knows what I might do with it using wire and beads? So I bought it (for $4) and brought it home.
That's when I thought of using 20ga or 22ga sterling silver wire to make a flower, finer gauge wire such as 24ga to wrap tiny seed pearls in the center, and then turn the flower into a wearable pendant. I made the flower, and as soon as it popped off the loom I knew that I had to do more: shape all 36 flower petals and hammer them, really make it special. So I did... and, once it was finished, I actually liked it a lot.
It's kind of a girly design (for me, anyway); not at all ethnic or bold or earthy, so it doesn't really represent the type of wire art that I typically make. But I thought it was a fun design and that others might think so too. Funny enough, I tried teaching it at Brea Bead Works a few months ago, and nobody signed up for the class! Still, I thought it was an ideal project for a magazine, so I sent it to B&B, and now it's been published.
I hope you enjoy the article. Please write to me and tell me what you think!


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Wow Sharilyn that is so beautiful. Great idea!

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