Sunday, April 26, 2009

A satisfying conclusion to our Wild Wire Women workshop...

Another wonderful Wild Wire Women retreat has come to an end, and I am very sad to anticipate the loss of my students, but at the same time I am SO excited for them and so PROUD of their accomplishments this weekend.
Judy made the beautiful necklace and bracelet set pictured above. She used jade beads and copper wire; her favorite activity was making coiled wire beads, but sadly none of the coil-wrapped beads on this necklace show up very clearly. Trust me, they're beautiful!
Two of my students, Carol Lee (her jewelry is pictured right above) and Nina (her jewelry is pictured at the end of this post) were very new to jewelry making. This was really their first attempt at wire jewelry design, and they tackled some challenging projects!
My own sample necklace is pictured just above; I made a Jamaica Me Happy necklace and a matching bracelet using naga shell beads, turquoise, and Czech glass beads just for fun. This is what happens when you teach fun classes like the ones we tackled this weekend: even the teacher ends up with something fun to wear.
So, it's almost time to say goodbye to three very talented and lovely ladies. Today was full: we made Spiral-Link bracelets and two different styles of earrings, used liver of sulfur to artificially age all of the jewelry made over the past three days, polished our jewelry with steel wool, used a tumbler to bring everything to a high shine, and had a photography session with the EZ Cube system.
After all that, we're ready to turn in. It's been such a fun weekend, I am sad to see it come to an end. I'm looking forward to my next Wild Wire Women retreat. For information about attending a future workshop, visit

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