Friday, April 17, 2009

Sombrero Ring Workshop great fun!

We had so much fun making Sombrero Rings and Basket Rings during my day-long workshop on Thursday, at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert.
Pictured above you can see Dale Wigley's bold, beautiful rings; below are more rings made by my students.
Of course, the rings look best when artificially aged in liver of sulfur, and then polished. You can see samples of that on my Web site:
I really enjoy teaching students who take a bold, fearless approach to creating. The ladies who participated in my workshop on Thursday were creative and fun-loving, and completely unafraid of not only making but also wearing big, chunky rings. My hat's off to them!
Today I enjoyed spending the day with my friend Jill Kirby, who participated in my class on Thursday and then drove up to my house in Idyllwild this morning to learn to make my brand-new design, the Bird's Nest Bracelet.
We just had a delicious dinner (feta fettuccine verde) at my favorite restaurant on the hill, Cafe Aroma. Yumm! Now we're back, and tomorrow morning I'll be sad to see Jill leave for her home in Arizona. I first met Jill when she took part in one of my Wild Wire Women retreats around this time last year. I thoroughly enjoy teaching these retreats and having lots of wire-crazy women in my home for a weekend of jewelry-making madness. If you're interested in learning more about my retreats, click here.

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