Sunday, May 3, 2009

A new day, a new blog...

It's a new day, and a gorgeous one in Idyllwild (the manzanita pictured above is blooming, turning my hillside pink). I feel so fortunate to live here, and I'm very, very grateful.
So, since it's a new day, I thought I'd start up a new blog!!!
Am I crazy? I find it difficult enough to post here more than twice a week, so why start a new blog? Well, many of my students and readers of my book, Bead on a Wire, have asked me to provide them with step-by-step tutorials, articles, a bit of advice now and then (regarding wire jewelry tools, etc.), and more information on wire-art jewelry making in general. It didn't seem quite right to do all that here, on my personal blog, so I decided to create a brand-new blog that is much more jewelry-arts oriented.
The new blog is called Wire Jewelry Lessons, and I invite you to visit by clicking here.
I'll be posting some new articles on it soon, and I hope that you all enjoy it. Feel free to email me with your suggestions for content.
See you in the workshop!

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