Saturday, May 30, 2009

NEW Mini-Retreats in Idyllwild, California

This is a picture taken last February, with the pine trees near my house laden in fresh snow. Believe me, it doesn't often look like this! We only had two snowfalls this year, and both were magnificent. I was housebound for a while, and my electricity cut out for a day, but my kitties and I weathered it all just fine.
Most of the year it's perfectly gorgeous, and easily accessible to my house from the nearby cities of Palm Desert/Palm Springs, Hemet, San Jacinto, and the Temecula/Fallbrook/San Diego areas of Southern California. That's one of the reasons that I decided to open up my home to more students by offering economical "mini retreats" for Wild Wire Women.
If you'd like to get away for the weekend and take a couple of full-day workshops (mostly on Saturday-Sunday, but some Friday-Saturday dates as well), consider joining me here in Idyllwild, California.
I'm offering two full days of workshop with handouts and use of studio tools, morning coffee, and salad-bar lunches each day, along with beverages and snacks. The fee is $180 for the weekend.
This is a bargain, because the workshop fee includes two lunches and classes are limited to just SIX students. You won't find a better deal than this anywhere!
What's not included: wire, beads, dinners, lodging.
Idyllwild has many fine restaurants to choose from and some cute cabins, B&Bs and hotels to rent for the night. Those living within a short distance can simply commute back and forth to my home each day.
Which workshops are offered? I let my participating students choose the classes we'll take, rather than choosing them myself. Once you register with a $100 deposit, I'll ask you to send me a list of your top-three workshop choices taken from my Web site,, or my books, or my DVDs. My minimum enrollment for a retreat is two, maximum six, so it depends on how many students enroll how likely you are to get exactly the class you are most interested in taking.
Your chances are very good, however. I've never had a disappointed student at one of my retreats in the past three years of holding them here.
Why do I require a non-refundable deposit? Simply to make students commit to the particular date they've signed up for. I can't have students signing up and then canceling on a casual basis, because this wrecks havoc with my schedule and makes things difficult for other participating students. So, please don't sign up unless you are absolutely committed to a particular retreat date.
If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to see you at my next retreat!
Mini Retreat Dates in 2009:
Aug 1-2
Aug 8-9
Aug 14-15
Oct 3-4
Oct 24-25
Nov 7-8
Nov 14-15
Nov 21-22
Nov 28-29
Dec 5-6
Dec 12-13
Dec 19-20


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Awesome post, especially the pic.. Its so beautiful. I liked it very much. Take a look at these as well at idyllwild hotels, you may like it, or you may even get registered with it.

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