Saturday, June 6, 2009

If not a beautiful day, then a beautiful deer...

The weather has been so chilly and strange here in Idyllwild for the past few days, it's hard not to complain. Where's our beautiful sun? Our deep-blue skies? T-shirt weather, anyone? Just when I've packed away all of my heavy sweaters and coats in an abundance of mothballs, the weather has to turn cool and overcast. It's downright chilly, dark, and dreary, and it feels like rain. Uck!
But then, you know, it always happens. Just when I'm settled into my (justifiably) bad mood, something beautiful wanders my way and chases away the blues in an instant. In this case, it was a beautiful young deer who wandered alone down my driveway, hopped into the shrubbery area and posed for me. Lovely! How lucky I am to live here in the mountains, amongst an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery visible through every window. I wish you all could enjoy it with me.
Well, I'm sharing my deer with you, anyway.

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