Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introducing Ivy

A new kitten has joined the family here in Idyllwild: Her name is Ivy, and she's about nine weeks old. I got her at the post office in town last Saturday, if you can believe it.
A couple from Romoland (near Perris, in Southern California) had rescued a couple of feral female felines, both of them pregnant, as it turns out, with eight kittens each. They took all 16 kittens away from their mothers when they were two weeks old and bottle-fed them until they could eat solid food. Then, on Saturday, they brought up eight of the kittens to see if they could find new homes for them. Ivy was the most playful of the bunch, and I thought she'd make a nice companion for Rosie, my playful and affectionate silver tabby.
It's not easy capturing a photo of Ivy, because she's so active and silly. And she's constantly chewing everything she can get her little baby teeth into. If it isn't the phone or my notebook or a cat toy or my hair, it's my T-shirt or my bottom lip (yes, that hurt), or a piece of jewelry, or my glasses, which she delights in pulling off my face so she can chew on them more conveniently.
I honestly didn't know that kittens chew on things—I thought only puppies did that! I guess I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, Ivy is a dear, sweet-tempered kitten with a gentle personality and a forgiving nature. She loves to climb on things, especially me. But she sleeps through the night and she's not nearly as demanding as my other two.
Like a puppy, Ivy follows me everywhere. Whether she's napping in the ivy plant (her favorite spot) or playing with anything she can get her paws on, Ivy wants to be with me. Sometimes she helps me type on the computer—with predictable results, which must be erased again and again. Now and then she lets me do my work. She's just awaked from her nap, so I'd better sign off!
Cheers, Sharilyn


Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

What a beautiful kitten and such a pretty name. I think that is wonderful you are giving her such a nice home! Kudos to you!

shauna said...

Hi! Although I have 2 of your wonderful books I just found your blogs. I am going to get one of your DVD's as soon as I can. I had to comment on the darling pic of Ivy napping in the plant! That is too adorable! You should send that in to a magazine or calendar company or something! That photo is way cuter than many I've seen on cards and things. Anyway, now that I've found your blogs I hope to learn more about making jewelry. I'm very new to it and mostly feel like a klutz, especially when using jump rings! That should be the easiest thing!I look forward to learning from you! Thanks!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.