Monday, August 24, 2009

Arrived safely... sans luggage!

At long last I have arrived in Midland to begin my weeklong workshop sessions here. The airline (United) lost my luggage, so I'm borrowing a sleep-shirt from my gracious hostess, Anne Sturtevant. Thank you, Anne!
The "Springhill Suites" Marriott couldn't be more comfortable. I have a large room with a big flat-screen TV, and a nice sized bathroom. That's all I could ever ask for while on the road. And a fridge and a microwave, which means I can have my hot tea with milk in the morning and keep fruit and yoghurt here for snacks. Perfect.
No photo today--it's after midnight here in Michigan, time to hit the sack.
Tomorrow I'll be teaching my Snake Vertebra workshop at the Bead Weasel, and then we move back over here to the hotel for the remainder of the workshops. I've seen the conference room we'll have use of this week, and wow, it's HUGE--and well lit. Everyone will have plenty of room to spread out and bring their the boxes of beads!
Until tomorrow, then... nighty night.

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