Friday, August 28, 2009

Celtic Knot Bracelet Workshop

Today was my Celtic Knot bracelet workshop sponsored by the Bead Weasel, and I was very pleased to see that all of my students finished their jewelry pieces and learned so much in the process of making them.
We used copper and sterling silver wire plus a few beads to make the components for this bracelet: coil-wrapped beads and jump rings (as featured on my DVD, Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop), and Celtic knots of 16ga wire on simple eye-pin loops.
It really was a fun class because we had plenty of time to finish our pieces, including using liver of sulfur to artificially age the jewelry. Tomorrow's class, 10 Trippy Tricks, will be much more intense. A great opportunity to learn lots of wire-art techniques in one day!
It's hard to believe that the week is almost over... I feel as if I just barely arrived. After tomorrow's class, I'll teach my Ethnic Coin Necklace workshop on Sunday, and then I depart for France on Monday.
Cheers for now,


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