Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rings on our fingers...

Rings on our fingers, that's what we've been up to in Midland this evening! We each made five different wire rings--with and without beads--to learn the basics of this unique art form.
Given the short amount of time we had to work (about three and a half hours total), I think it's amazing how many rings my students were able to finish. We even dipped some in liver of sulfur to artificially age them and give the orange copper wire a rosy radiance!
I'm so proud of my students. They worked hard, were very patient, tried some way-out creative techniques, and went home with a beautiful batch of rings.
If you'd like to make your own creative wire rings and are unable to make it to a workshop, I teach every ring shown here on my DVD, Rings of Beauty. It's currently on sale for $24.95! For information, click here.


SharonP said...

Wish I were there with all of you talented ladies! Sharilyn, you need to teach in Las Vegas for those of us who are starving for an excellent wire jewelry artist's lessons!

isabella said...

very beautiful rings!!!!

Lynniemay said...

I love your styles and techniques !
I have "Rings of Beauty" and, "Bead on a Wire"!! I love my book & CD: they are packed full of great info with clear and concise instructions!
Is there any possibility that you could teach a workshop in Cincinnati OH? I will sooo love to be right there with you at the workshop in Cincinnati!
Thanks for all the good work you've done teaching jewelry making
to the world!
Especially to me! :>)