Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saying goodbye to Midland, Michigan...

The Ethnic Coin Necklace (featured on my DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop) is always a fun and challenging adventure, especially when we mix it up a little by adding copper washers, twisted wire jump rings, chains, and wire-wrapped beads and links from previous workshop sessions. Such was the case this time when I taught my final workshop for the Bead Weasel in Midland, Michigan.
My students are simply amazing. I never quite get over how talented and how creative and hard-working they are, and I am so impressed by their dedication to learning new techniques and practicing diligently to perfect their craftsmanship. It was fun watching everyone pound away with their chasing hammers while we flattened and textured pennies and foreign coins, mastered the metal hole-punch, created tack rivets, twisted heavy-gauge wire to make jump rings, and assembled unique necklaces using a variety of wire-art and metal craft techniques.
I'll never forget the ladies (and one gentleman) in Midland! Many of my students had just barely gotten their copies of my new book, Contemporary Copper Jewelry, and had already started making jewelry pieces from the patterns provided. Don't you just love copper wire! And tubing from the hardware store, washers from Harbor Freight, and found objects from... well, everywhere. It all goes into the mix when you're making beautiful, ethnic-style jewelry.
I will be returning to Michigan around this time of year in 2010, when I teach for Art in the Loft right before I depart for my 10-day workshop retreat in Cortona, Italy. If you're interested in joining me in Europe next year, click here.
For now, it's time to do the laundry, pack my bags, and get ready to fly to the south of France! I'll be spending three weeks teaching a series of workshop for a group of gals; we'll also hit the sights in Provence and shop the flea markets, visit tiny villages, and just generally have the best time ever. Stay tuned for postings from Provence!


Joe said...

Hi Sharilyn--

I finished my Snake Vertebra bracelet last night. I wore it all day proudly. Thanks for the great leadership. Hope France is a blast.

Joe said...

Rats. The above is NOT from Joe (my husband) but from Kathy in the Front Row. We share the Google account

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