Thursday, September 3, 2009


Anna lives about an hour's drive from Aix en Provence, a city famous for its fountains. We were there for a purpose, however: to view the current exhibit of Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne's work which shows the intimate friendship these two artists shared.
Cezanne was born in Aix, and you can actually "follow in his footsteps" by taking a tour of the place where he was born and other significant milestones.
Anna and I both felt that the exhibit at Musee Granet of Aix en Provence was very well done. We saw not only many original works of art by Picasso and Cezanne, but several interactive displays that allow the visitor a chance to peek into the minds of these great artists.
If you happen to be in Aix or nearby, I can confidently recommend this exhibit to you!
Here is a street marker near the museum; you'll find many of these throughout the city.
I should mention that on the way to Aix, Anna and I stopped at the original L'Occitane factory and showroom, where we bought a few nice smelly things for ourselves (lotions, soaps, gels, lip balm). My favorite scent is the verbena, followed closely by honey & lemon. Mmm! The showroom allows you to try out as many different products as you like, and by the time Anna and I left for Aix, we both smelled like a fruit salad!

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