Friday, September 11, 2009

Another day in paradise...

Here in Provence, it's just another day in paradise.
We awakened to a peaches-and-cream sky and sun-kissed lavender fields, breakfasted on crispy croissants and French-pressed coffee, and spent the day working on our 10 Trippy Tricks 2 necklaces. We made a hook-and-eye clasp and coil-wrapped beads (as featured on my Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop DVD), double-wrapped eye-pin loops, eye-pin links and silver-swirl beads, and the dreaded double-coil-wrapped bead!
Here's Cindy, coiling-coiling-coiling: 72 inches of 24ga wire onto some 22ga wire, which will later be coiled onto a base of 18ga wire to make a gorgeous bead. Admittedly it is tedious, but worth it (I tell my students), but oh my, how they do whinge about the coiling!
"Does it really have to be 72 inches long?" says one, and another proposes that we quit and do something else. I keep telling them it's worth all the effort. The double-coil-wrapped bead really is. (You can learn how to make the same bead by reading my book, Bead on a Wire.)
While the girls coiled and gossiped and laughed and whined about having to coil so much wire to make one silly bead, I worked on the necklace pictured above and actually finished it today. I haven't used orange beads very much in the past, but I thought it would be fun to try a new color-way. Meanwhile, the girls finished their dratted beads and I believe they were quite pleased with their efforts.
We finished the day with a rainbow in the sky and the most delicious dinner of roasted veggies and couscous, all washed down with plenty of wine.
Tomorrow we head off early in the morning to explore a French market, and enjoy lunch al fresco...


cooljewelrydesign said...

THAT is one coooool piece of jewelry...I so respect your sense of color and texture. The bohemian vibe just hops off the page!! I bet I have one of your books around here for sure.

WOW--would love to take a workshop!

justaskanna said...

It was a serious amount of coiling that day,needed a drink afterwards!!