Saturday, September 5, 2009

How could I forget the cat lady?

I forgot to mention in my previous post that while Anna and were searching high and low throughout Pezenas for a bead store I had read about in France Magazine, we came across the most amazing cat lady. A local resident, she lives in a tiny three-story town house where she has rescued 14 stray cats and gives them a warm and safe home. She asked us for a small 3-euro donation to take photos of her charges, and I was happy to oblige her for this priceless image.
Can you imagine constructing a basket-balcony complete with French umbrellas for your felines? I'm thinking about it. I have a top-story loft in my house with two small windows that would be just right for this sort of arrangement...

1 comment:

justaskanna said...

the cat lady really was something out of a fairytale. Next time I'm coming back as one of her cats.