Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Supper in Provence

We've celebrated our last day of workshops and our last supper together in Provence, my students and I. A more delightful bunch of girls it would be hard to find.
Pictured from left: Martha, Anna (our hostess), Cindy, Tia, Claire, Audrey, and Corinne.
Here's a picture of our "last supper": a real middle-eastern delicacy prepared by Tia, with some help from Anna. Both have lived in the middle east and have lots of experience putting on a spread like this.
The salad was amazing, and I don't even like parsley!
Mmmm hummus! Swimming in olive oil, as it should be. So very French!
Here's our chef, Tia. Terrible photo of her because I was trying to catch her likeness before she darted out of view! Thank you, Tia, for a delicious dinner and a lot of laughs over the past week.
We spent Monday-Wednesday working on our jewelry, and tomorrow morning I'll photograph as much of it as I can to upload later. We're on our way to Nice in the morning, and on Friday I'll catch a plane to the States.
I will miss France so much, as well as the terrific girls who shared this amazing experience with me. But it will be nice to get back home as well, where I no doubt have piles of work awaiting...


justaskanna said...

we certainly ate well but also had a lot of fun and made some fantastic pieces. Thanks Sharilyn

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