Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventures in Wubberland

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of teaching for Patti Bullard of Wired Up Beads in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. As you can see, the ladies pictured in class were having a pretty good time with their hammers! I must say, some of the nicest and funniest women I've ever met.
Everywhere I go, I find that teaching women how to wield their hammers has a cathartic effect... it is somehow so satisfying to grasp a good tool firmly in hand and smack it down on a piece of metal! We had plenty of opportunity to do that when I taught my Embellished Copper Washer Bracelet class on Friday, followed by the Etruscan Spiral Pendant workshop on Saturday. Pictured above, you see the ladies from Sunday's class, the Ethnic Coin Necklace.
Here's part of the necklace that Patti made, using disks in copper, brass and silver. I like to hammer out old pennies to make my charms for this necklace, but you can also purchase metal disks in various sizes from Rio Grande or other sources, and use them instead of coins. I believe you can purchase these disks in copper and silver as well as gold (if you can afford gold these days!), which widens your design options.
While we were putting together our necklaces on Sunday, we discussed other design options such as using our coins to make cool gypsy-style bracelets. I love teaching workshops that provide instruction in lots of wire-working techniques so that students come away with not only new knowledge and skills, but also plenty of creative ideas for designing their own jewelry creations.
I was very impressed with the ladies in Dallas. Everybody got along so well, worked very hard on their jewelry pieces, and laughed... a lot! There's much to be said for that.
If you can't make it to one of my workshops, you might like to get a copy of my Ethnic Style Jewelry DVD which includes four bracelets demonstrated in step-by-step detail, plus the two necklaces we made on Saturday and Sunday. It's three and a half hours long, and retails for just $24.95. To order, click here.
Until next time, happy wrapping!

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