Monday, November 23, 2009

NEW Book Available Now!

I'm so excited to announce today that, at long last, my new book Wire Art Jewelry is available to order!
I just received the "proof copy" today, and it looks great. Full-color glossy paperback cover, black & white interior, 200 pages, 16 projects, 19 chapters on basics, plus resources.
Wire Art Jewelry retails for $24.95. To order, click here.
If you'd like to see full-color photos of all the projects you will learn in this book, click here.
Here's the table of contents:
Tools & Materials
Basic Techniques:
Cleaning wire
Jump rings
Cage beads
Spiral headpins
Heart-shaped headpins
Celtic knot links
Rosette jump-ring clusters
French ear hooks
Hook & eye clasp
Twisting fine-gauge wire
Worm beads
Simple (unwrapped) eye-pin-loop bead connectors
Bead dangle with single-wrapped eye-pin loop
Bead connectors with double-wrapped eye-pin loops
Bead dangles with double-wrapped eye-pin loops
Coil-wrapped bead connectors
Freeform knotless netting
Using liver of sulfur & polishing jewelry with a tumbler
Bird's nest bangles
Cage-bead bracelet
Snake vertebra bracelet
Faux 4-in-1 bracelet
Double-spiral bangle
Celtic knot bracelet
Stacked washer-link bracelet
Gypsy-stick earrings
Angel's earrings
Triangle drop earrings
Squiggle earrings
Snake vertebra earrings
Thai heart pendant
Grateful heart necklace
Wrap a rock pendant
Dancing man necklace
If you have any questions about my new book or would just like to comment, please feel free to email me at
Happy wrapping,


BoldAmy said...

Congratulations, Sharilyn! I just ordered it, can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I have bead on a wire and can't wait to get this new one. Congrats!

Esther said...

congrats Sharlyn!! i have 2 books from you..bought on amazon France.. this one looks great!! soon.. soon.. !!you are an amazing teacher!!

EmbellishYourself said...

Hi Sharlyn! I am a fan of your work and your books. I was just trying to add your new book to my amazon wishlist and it's not listed there. I clicked on the link from your site and the Creatspace page doesn't work. I just wanted to let you know. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Susana said...

Hi Sharilyn,
Just got your new book this morning! I'm going through it and I love it.
Susana Braun

sandyxxx said...

This is such a FANTASTIC approach to the 'purple cow' question. Really brilliant. I love that you asked everybody so in a way, it was constructive feedback. I also love how you have named your cow but I feel that I must add that even if your cow is 'complex' there is also a sense of balance and harmony with your designs that make all the different elements work together.

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