Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Organizing again?

A friend called me today to ask what I was up to, and I somewhat sheepishly admitted that I was reorganizing my stuff... again.
It's a never-ending process, and the only justification for it is the end result. When my art studio (I'm so grateful to have one!) is clean and tidy, with all my beads, jewelry tools, wire, paintbrushes and paints, fabrics, and fibers all neatly organized, I work so much more efficiently. I'm more creative and certainly less frustrated when I can find my tools and materials quickly and easily.
The latest organizational problem that I have noticed has to do with my beads, which I have been storing for years in small fishing-tackle boxes. Nice for travel-teaching, but not so great for working at home! So I've gone back to my original system of storing my bead collection in small clear plastic baggies. These are then divided into color groupings (black beads, metallic beads, Thai silver, pearls, etc.) and stored in drawers, one color to a drawer. I believe this will help me to keep track of what I actually have, and I hope this will in turn keep me from purchasing duplicates of beads and supplies that I don't really need.
My other task is to write up the instructions for the Grateful Heart Necklace pictured above, which I'm teaching at Brea Bead Works in Brea (southern California) on November 21. I don't know if there are any openings in this class, which is suited for intermediate wire artists (for instance, you must know how to make a simple wrapped loop). But if you're interested in attending, by all means give the store a call: 714 671-9976.
I recently revamped my two Web sites (www.SharilynMiller.com and www.WireJewelryDVDs.com) and I think they look great. Of course, I'm also anticipating the release of my brand-new book, Wire Art Jewelry, which will be published any day now. The Grateful Heart Necklace is featured in my new book, just in case you're interested in making it but unable to attend the class.
I've also scheduled several workshops to be held at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert this winter, beginning December 5 with my Faux Metals Necklace workshop. If you'd like to see what I'm teaching in the near future, you can access my workshop schedule by clicking here. I hope to see you in a workshop soon!
Happy wrapping,


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