Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Faux Metals Class!

Thursday's class at Monica's was too much fun!
We spent an entire day making gorgeous "faux metal" charms and assembling them into wire-linked jewelry. Above you see two students working together to shrink their charms. Many thanks to Kit Zimmerman of Lucky Squirrel and the folks at Ranger Ink for providing us with the tools and materials we needed to get started.
More teamwork: Students cutting PolyShrink shapes, stamping, and having fun.
Press that stamp hard! Put your weight into it...
More students, seen concentrating as they dry-brush paint their embossed charms. Thanks to the folks at Jacquard Products who provided us with paints for our project.
Ooooooh! Bronze charms look like real metal!
Multiple layers of colored and metallic paint were used on these beautiful charms.
A necklace almost finished... isn't it gorgeous!
So pretty and chic; so sophisticated! I love this layered chain necklace and earring set.
It never fails to amaze me how talented and creative my students are, how each one uses the same tools and materials yet comes up with such a wide variety of beautiful jewelry pieces. I am in awe of my students!
If you liked this project and have never considered using rubber stamps to make beautiful and sophisticated jewelry, check out my book, Rubber Stamped Jewelry, for more ideas.
Hope to see you in a workshop soon! I teach again at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations on Feb. 18: the Gem Cuff Bracelet. Looks crocheted, but it's NOT. You'll love this project, it's super easy and addictive as all get-out. (Also featured in my NEW book: Arty Jewelry.)
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Ohhh Sharilyn!! Those charms are beautiful!!! So are those quilts!!!