Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Book on!

Here's my brand-new book, Arty Jewelry, which I just published today on!
Arty Jewelry includes 120 pages of detailed instructions and full-color photos printed on premium paper. It is small: 7x7 inches, but each photo of a finished project measures 5x5 inches and the step-by-step photos are quite large enough to see all the details clearly. There are 216 photos in all.
I offer numerous techniques for wire-art jewelry enthusiasts, but some basics are assumed; i.e. that the reader already knows how to make wrapped eye-pin loops, spirals, jump rings, and the like. You would not believe how much space it takes (text and photos) to go over these basics, and since I have already addressed them thoroughly in Bead on a Wire and Wire Art Jewelry, I thought I'd skip it in Arty Jewelry!
Also, no real discussion of tools in my new book. Again, takes up too much space that I prefer to use describing and demonstrating actual jewelry projects.
To see a free preview of the first 15 pages, click here.
I hope you like it!
Happy wrapping,

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Carole Segal said...

Congratulations on the new book. You are amazing. Carole