Sunday, January 31, 2010


I spent Saturday visiting with a really good artist/friend, Pene Owens, who lives in Indio.
We met at her house first, where I admired her latest art creations (Pene's a very talented quilter and book/paper artist, and she makes amazing jewelry) before we headed out to the polo grounds to see an art exhibit.
Before Saturday I had no idea that Indio hosts grounds for traditional polo matches, but apparently the Empire Polo Club has been around for a while. And have you ever heard of golf-cart polo??? Well, me neither. Until now! But we weren't at this venue for polo of any kind, we came to see art at the Southwest Arts Festival.
It was very pleasant strolling about the green, grassy polo grounds looking at a wide variety of high-end art (paintings, sculptures, expensive jewelry, etc.) and (my favorite part) meeting several artists and talking with them a bit. I had my camera along, but I didn't feel comfortable taking photos at the festival without permission. Some artists can be really touchy about having themselves or their art photographed, even from a distance. So I kept my camera in my pocket, but I collected lots of business cards and brochures as I visited the booths.
My favorite painter by far was Karen Hale from Jackson, California. Her booth was absolutely gorgeous, full of her colorful acrylic abstracts. Check out her web site if you get a chance, but nothing can do justice to the real thing! I guess that's why I like visiting art festivals whenever I have the opportunity. It's wonderful to see the art up-close in natural sunlight, and I enjoy meeting the artists.
Walking around in the hot sun (yes, it was warm for January, this is Palm Springs after all) is thirsty work, so Pene and I headed over to a great restaurant for fish tacos: Fisherman's Market & Grill. I had salmon tacos, mmmm, definitely my favorite!
After lunch, we headed back to Pene's house. What a great day, and it ended with a visitor. I'm sure by now you're wondering about the funny-looking bird at the top of this post. While I was saying goodbye to Pene and sitting in my car in her driveway, a sweet little road runner walked up to us and casually started pecking around the yard for insects. I wasn't in a good position to take a photo, so I handed my camera over to Pene and she took a few snaps. This is her best shot. Great image! I love road runners, they're so funny.

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