Friday, February 26, 2010

Bangles on the brain!

I've been seriously remiss in not posting earlier a photo of the Autumn Dance bangle bracelet that I finished after teaching this technique at Monica's store on Feb. 20.
Well, here it is! You can see most of it in the photo above, and the clasp underneath is fairly simple. It's made of a heavy-gauge wire frame embellished with laboradite, amethyst, and turquoise beads, plus a few glass beads, small chips and other gems for effect.
I must confess that this bangle took a couple of days to complete, but most of my students finished or came very close to finishing their projects in class. It helps to make something smaller and a little less ambitious to begin with, and then to challenge yourself later with something more complex.
I'll be returning to Monica's (Palm Desert, CA) on Saturday, March 6 to teach my new Squiggly-Wrap bangle bracelet (pictured above). I just completed two more samples of these bracelets and dropped them off at the store so they can be displayed for prospective students. I thought it would be fun to make one in all-copper wire, with just a few small silver beads and gemstones, plus a handmade hook clasp, and I was really quite thrilled with the finished result.
If you want to see them, drop by the store! Or better yet, sign up to take the workshop with me on Saturday. I hope to see you there.
Call Monica's at 760-772-2400.
If you can't make it to a live workshop, this bangle bracelet is featured in my new book, Arty Jewelry. To see a FREE 15-page preview of the book, click here.
Happy wrapping,

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