Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bobcat alert!

So I'm in my office, working on some new jewelry-making class ideas and putting together my supply lists, when a flash in the hillside brush just across my driveway alerts me to the presence of ... well, at first I thought it was a rabbit. We have so many cute little cottontail bunnies here in Idyllwild, and I see them frequently on my property, especially in the spring.
But this was no bunny!
This was a bobcat. About twice the size of a typical house cat, bobcats are no threat to humans. They are shy creatures, quick-moving, alert to prey and being preyed upon by larger animals. I have only seen one in my area twice before, and never for long enough to capture him (or her) on film. I was lucky this time... I got 13 shots.
If you look closely, you can see this fellow's funny little bob tail. He's leaving now, having caught wind of the coyote who just sauntered into my driveway. No, I wasn't quick enough to capture wily coyote on film. Maybe next time.


cjvierow said...

That is the coolest thing!! I would LOVE to live where you do. I so love seeing all of God's creatures, especially from the safety of indoors, LOL. We see deer and lots of birds where I am, but no wild cats. We had coyotes in the Sacramento area when we lived in CA and it was interesting unless they followed me during the daytime, that was a little disconcerting. Love your beadwork! Am hoping to get one of your books soon. Thanks for the fun pictures. CJ

Patti said...

Wow, how beautiful! Your house must be set in the most gorgeous place. I hope that I can take one of your workshops there someday!
Hugs from Texas,

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Aren't they beautiful? We have them here where I live and a few weeks ago on my way home from work there were 3 wolves! Yikes! Also I have to tell you how much I absolutely love your bangles below this post, they are gorgeous!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Here, on the Arizona desert, we have mountain lions, cougars, and ocelots prancing about our street! This is not to mention the Gambols quails and cottontails bunnies who eat our flowers and gardens. I, now, have a den under my foundation of cottontails (!!) who have birthed a den of little cottontails and are waiting to come out into the world, (despite my termite control trench which they have invaded) (!) and can, soon, be blocked with BIG rocks which they cannot dig under my foundation through (!) to create these dens! Life in the desert "burbs" can be difficult!