Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great fun at Monica's yesterday...

The Squiggly-Wrap Bangle workshop held yesterday at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations was great fun—as always—with five enthusiastic students and a full day of fun techniques.
Lizzie's bracelet (pictured above) was made using Unicorn beads from a trunk show that was going on in the store. I believe the trunk show is continuing this week, so if you're in the Palm Desert area be sure to drop by.
Here's my class, looking a little tired by the time I shot the photo! Some of them made two bangles in class, while Gloria (pictured center) made one bangle and then started work on a pendant using the same wire wrapping techniques we learned in class.
Here are a couple of Squiggly-Wrap bangles made in class. I apologize for the photo! It's really difficult getting a good shot in such poor lighting. But I'm sure you get the idea...
Here's a picture of Gloria wearing her incredible necklace, which she started in my class on Feb. 20. You can read more about the class in my previous post.
Three more bangles, made by my students (pictured above). Gorgeous! But they could use some more polishing after we dipped them in liver of sulfur.
These are my four sample bracelets. They need more polishing, and a tumble with jewelry shot. I might as well do that today while I watch the Oscars.
If you like the Squiggly-Wrap Bangle but can't make it to a workshop, I have stepped out the project in my new book: Arty Jewelry.
For information, click here.
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