Monday, March 15, 2010

Hyla's Necklace

This is Hyla (I hope I spelled her name right!), one of my students from my class held on Feb. 20 at Monica's. We did the Autumn Dance necklace workshop, and Hyla brought some huge beads that I was rather concerned about using in her necklace. One, I could see. But she wanted to use seven of these ginormous turquoise cabs on her necklace frame, and then embellish it with additional amethyst beads, pearls, and glass beads.
I was worried. I advised her not to use all those big beads in one necklace. I was wrong!
Hyla finished her necklace at home and a few days later while I was teaching my Embellished Copper Washer bracelet, she strolled into Monica's wearing her stunning creation. Wow, practically knocked my eyes out with this beauty! We were all very impressed.
Happy wrapping,

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