Monday, April 5, 2010

House is finally clean, now it's time for another class!

It seems to take a week to recover from a Wild Wire Women retreat. I love doing these retreats—they are my favorites—but afterward comes the endless loads of laundry, the vacuuming, remaking the beds, and cleaning up and reorganizing the workshop.
It takes a week. What can I say?
So now I'm fully rested up and ready to teach another great class over at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert: the Fisherman's Catch necklace. This is a really beautiful wire-working technique suitable for all skill levels, and it can be done in copper wire to save money on materials. If you have some big gorgeous beads you've been dying to embellish and make into a stunning neckpiece, why don't you join us this Thursday at Monica's?
To see the supply list, click here.
To register, call the store: 760-772-2400.
Monica's has a great classroom and a wonderful selection of beads to choose from. If you have a quilting friend, bring her along so she can shop for gorgeous batik fabrics while you make a beautiful necklace! The workshop is on April 8 from 10 am to approximately 5 pm. Busy, full of technique, but lots of fun and (I promise you), this technique is not difficult to learn.
I hope to see you there!
Happy wrapping,

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Jay said...

It seems like a busy week. How I wish I could come to one of your classes. Well then, Good luck!
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